Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cross Country Training

Te Puna School have their whole school cross country day on Tuesday the 29th of May.
Room 4 have been training nearly every day getting ready for school cross country.  
We warm up before we run and cool down afterwards.  
We do this to look after our muscles so we don't get hurt or too sore.
Here we are warming up and training.
Come and watch us on the 29th of May about lunchtime.  We would love you to be here at school to cheer us on.


Event 1 -11.05 a.m.
Year 6
Girls and boys
Event 2 -11.10 pm
Year 3
Girls and Boys
Event 3 – 11.20
Year 5
Girls and Boys
Event 4 – 11.30
Year 7/8
Event 5-   11.40am
Year 7/8
Event 6  -11:50
Year 4
Boys and girls
Event 7  12.00
Year 2
Girls and boys
Event 8 – 12.10pm
Years 0-1
Girls and boys

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