Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Te Puna Kindy visit

 We had a fun morning with the Te Puna kindy children visiting us.
We made cards, t-shirts and created cool things with blocks, playdough and our fabulous imaginations.
We also read to them our stories about what we like about school.
"I like going on the playground because I like playing with my friends"
By Aysha

"I am putting my book bag in the boys basket"
By Lucan

"I am drawing"
By Tama

"I like drawing at school"
By Dante

 Fun with the blocks
 Creating awesome t-shirts 
Thanks Paula, children and parents for visiting Room 2

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mothers Day

Our Mums are the best.
Room 2 children got busy writing letters to their awesome Mums...

(We hope you all enjoyed your card and cup of tea/coffee :)

Thank you Mum for helping me clean my room.
Love from

Thank you Mum for making me baked beans.
Love from

Thank you Mum for taking me shopping.
Love from

Thank you Mum for taking me to McDonalds.
Love from

Thank you Mum for baking me cakes.
Love from

Thank you Mum for taking me to McDonalds.
Love from

Thank you Mum for giving me honey puffs, toast and cuddles.
Love from

Thank you Mum for giving me hugs.
Love from

Thank you Mum for making me pancakes.
Love from

Thank you Mum for cuddling me.
Love from

Thank you Mum for letting me go to Kelly Tarltons.
Love from

Thank you Mum for getting me muesli.
Love from

The Changing Seasons

Room 8 and Room 2 teachers decided to take their children for a walk to Maramatanga Park to check out the changing colours of the leaves.
  We knew the seasons had changed from Summer to Autumn but we wanted to see the changes that happen in nature.  The trees and their leaves looked beautiful.  We could all see the leaves were slowly changing colours from green to browns, yellows and reds. 
They were beautiful.  
We are so lucky to go to school in a place as beautiful as Te Puna.
 A beautiful sunny Autumn day
 Enjoying the walk to Maramatanga Park.

 "Yay, we made it"
 Look how fabulous we all are.
 If you look closely you can see a Monarch Butterfly on the leaves
 Golden brown leaves
 Enjoying our morning tea together.
We love hanging out with Whaea Trudie and Room 8 children.
 Getting all packed up ready to head back to school.
We made sure no rubbish was left behind.

Water Slide Fun Day

Thanks to our 'Principal for a Day" Aston Monk, all students got to have fun on the water slide.
Room 2 all took part and had lots and lots of fun slip sliding down the slide.
Thanks Aston :)