Sunday, August 27, 2017

Production fun

Te Moana (no, not the movie)
Te Puna School style

Well done to all Room 2 children who did a great job of being fish, octopus and friendly sharks
 - you were all fabulous!

Thanks also to Charlotte and London for being wonderful mummy fish!  We also could not have done it without Mrs Pahl and Donna - thank you :) 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fun Day Friday

Room 2 enjoy lots of play based learning opportunities  - check us out having lots of fun and using our clever creative brains on 
Fun Day Friday.

 Bianca, Logan, Emma and grace get hands on with the carpentry table.
 Bianca and Logan use pencils to draw on their lines and designs while using the hammer to get the nails into the right spot.
Harper, Clancey and Robbie are our awesome up and coming city designers . 

 Wow! Looks great Harper. 
 Lots of clever thinking and design happening here.
 Alex and Kiani-Lee are busy designing yachts
 (Y is for yacht) on to their pieces of paper using lots of different collage items.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Estuary visit

Estuary Visit

Room 2 had a great time exploring the estuary in Term 1.  
We found all sorts of estuary creatures and other things, such as...
crabs, whelks, mud snails (titipou), whelk parties, seaweed, mangroves and many others such as the grey heron who is often seen wandering the mudflats.  
Thanks to all the parents who came with us - this was a great learning adventure.

Room 11 Reading Buddies

Every Tuesday and Thursday
 Room 2
 is very lucky to have Room 11 (Year 5/6 children) come and listen to us read
 and if there is time the Room 11 children will read a book to us from our class library.  
Here are some photos of our times together.  
Thank you Room 11 - we love getting to know you big kids better and reading to you.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Music with Mr E

Room 2 LOVE going to music with Mr E.  We have been learning to play the ukelele, glockenspiel and keyboard.
We have learned a little bit about Bob Marley and have listened to some of his music which we think is really great as it has a fun beat and makes us feel like dancing.

Learning the ukelele

Well done Room 2 - you were all fabulous on the glockenspiel