Saturday, June 18, 2016

Photography competition

Well done to Room 2 for taking some fabulous photos over several weeks

*We learned how to handle a camera carefully and safely by always using the wrist strap and being very careful when handling it, especially being careful with the lens by making sure it is closed when we are moving around.  

*We also learned about using the shutter button to achieve an in-focus photograph. 

We used our school grounds for ideas and inspiration. Here are some of our works of art...enjoy :) 
 Photographer - Darragh

 Photographer - Hollie

Photographer - Julian

 Photographer - Dante

 Photographer - Elia

Photographer - Indie

 Photographer Ayla

 Photographer Aysha

 Photographer - Tama

 Photographer- Sam

 Photographer - Lucan

 Photographer - Tyrese

Photographer - Jah-Zia

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