Monday, March 23, 2015

Helping at home

Today we read a story called "Along Comes Jake." It is about a family helping each other do chores, and then along comes Jake the baby who just makes a big mess. The children shared what they do to help at home, with each other, then wrote stories. Here are some of their stories.

I help my mum with the dishes.

I help my Dad cook the cake.

I go to the shops to help my Mum.

I can do my own bed.

I make my bed for Mum. I hang my bag up.

I am going to tidy the garage.

I am cleaning my Dad's truck.

I clean the toilet with the brush.

I clean my room. I put my toys in my toy box.

I am doing dishes.

I help my Mum with the dishes. I do the cutlery.

I help Mum put my lunch box in my bag.

I am helping my Mum with the windows.

I am helping Mum with the star fish.

I am baking a cake with my Mum.

I help clean up the house.

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